About Tamara Billingsley

Learn a little more about Tamara’s Art Journey

Tamara spent over 15 years in the web design and marketing world. Earning certifications in Web Publishing and Web Marketing from Langara College in Vancouver and UX (User Experience) from New York University.

Tamara enjoyed photography as a hobby for many years. With a little more free time on her hands,  Tamara decided to try painting. In January 2020, she took a local class at an art studio. After that she was hooked! Deciding to learn everything she could about the subject.  Focusing on web resources like Andrew Tischler’s video collection and veraciously reading books like ‘Alla Prima – Everything I Know About Painting’  by Richard Schmid she excelled quickly.

Tamara had a very exciting year in 2021 full of exciting accomplishments listed below.


On October 2, 2021 Tamara was informed that she had been awarded Active Status to the Federation of Canadian Artists. The process involved submitting 10 paintings to a jury process.

Winning 2nd Place in Artists Magazine 38th Annual Competition

The Artists Magazine has an annual competition every year. In 2021 Tamara won 2nd place in the Still Life/Interior Category of the Student Division (now the Artist’s to Watch Division) for her painting ‘Lighthearted’. It was published in the Nov/Dec 2021 issue of Artists Magazine.

Artist Statement

Statement about her work

I have a background in design and have always appreciated the beauty around me. Photography has been a hobby for many years and it was a natural complement to putting brush to canvas. Some of my favorite subjects are macro images of flowers that have contrasting light and shadow to make them so much more beautiful. Inspired by being surrounded by the beautiful Pacific Ocean for most of my life I have started trying to capture it’s power and grace.

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